Wild Alaska Berries

Wild Alaska Berries


  • Stimulate metabolism, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, anti- inflammatory-cancer protective
  • Benefits liver and kidneys
  • Cleanses the blood of toxins
  • Controls urinary functions


  • High antioxidant content
  • Very rich in silicon and vitamin C that helps to repair all connective tissue
  • Provides strength to teeth and gums
  • Treats poor digestion
  • Relive urinary difficulties


  • Excellent source of vitamin K (32%), manganese (25%), vitamin C (19%), fiber (14%), and copper (9%)
  • High anti- oxidant content protects cardiovascular system and regenerates damage done to muscles following intense exercise
  • Benefits raging from protective properties of neuro system to regulation of sugar in blood, and anti- oxidant protection of the digestive tract


  • The high tannin content of blackberries reduces intestinal inflammation, alleviates hemorrhoids, and supports metabolism

  • Leaves of this fruit can be consumed and are used as a remedy for mild gums inflammation and even sore throats 

    •  leaves can also be used to brew a tea, use some honey to mask the bitterness 

  •  Healthy dose of Vitamin K aids in muscle relaxing

  • Cup of blackberries is only 65 calories

 Few Concoctions 

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